Lima beans, eaten as a vegetable and also known for butter beans, have been in season in winter and spring time. In Taiwan, Lima beans hit on the market usually from November all the way down to May in the following year, particularly in January, February, and March.


    Rich in dietary fiber, Lima beans are a good source of high quality protein, which not only helps regulate blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol, as well as prevents constipation, digestive disorder, and irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis.


    On Sunday, after breakfast, we, the whole family, walked with leisure and carefree pace to the traditional market nearby our neighborhood. The traditional market is virtually in a well-known area in Taiwan, called Liming New Village. It was built in 1974 for accommodating the staff of the provincial government and their family. As arriving the vegetable stand by the green grocer we have long been on business, the green grocer's mom, my kids call her the granny, asks them if they were willing to give her a hand, to peel Lima beans. Without hesitation, Peggy and Eric said "Yes," with excitement.


    By peeling Lima beans, grasping the given opportunity, Peggy and Eric got to know more about Lima beans. Moreover, their insistent hard-working had won them so much praise that turned peeling Lima beans into a pleasure and made the two kids willing to go on peeling, no complaining.


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