Yulin County in Taiwan is a well-known area for its high-quality black peanuts. Based on the information either online or in the book, peanuts are claimed good for human heath, especially the black peanuts in Yulin whose skin is black, compared with the ordinary peanuts.


    There are some reasons to include a portion of peanuts in our daily diet, Anthocyanidins, one of the important nutrients in the black peanuts, can positively prevent various cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the antioxidants also plays a proactive role against diabetes and hypersensitivity, aside from the fact that the ordinary peanuts are known for richness in proteins and essential amino acids are beneficial to enhance kids' brain, improve memory, and slow the pace of aging down.


    Surprisingly, on Monday, we received five bags of black peanuts with shell form one of our friends who lives in Yulin. Excited enough, just as given the peanuts, I opened one of them, with my two kids, we unshell the peanuts, and it is a very convenient way to enjoy a real taste of black peanuts.


    Pour in hot water, some gingers, sugar, and a bowl of black peanuts, stir a little while in the food mixer, then comes a warm and mouth-watering drink of breakfast. Besides, another way to vary the ways we eat the black peanuts, I add some of them in the pumpkin dough the next morning. With no extra water added, only from the pumpkin itself, and less sugar, our tongue is already overwhelmed by the delicate aroma from peanuts and the natural sweetness from the pumpkin, in addition to its positive benefits for health.


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