This Tuesday, I started to work on my second certificate, after almost finishing the first clay certificate on desserts (I am just dragged by my very last one dessert. I have been working on it for three times but still in vain. Making that dessert is more like making an experiment in the lab. It takes a little time but more much chance ). Different from the first, I feel more free to decide the works I want to make in the second certificate.

    On Tuesday before Last Tuesday, I had picked thirty clay works I am going to make in the future to come. When picking, I was so excited. The more I picked, the more excited I became. In my mind there was a picture, in which in the bookshelf as a display case showcase all of the clay works I had been devoted to. I felt so proud, I felt so eager, and I felt I couldn’t wait.


    The first work my clay teacher (Ms. He) suggested me to focus on was the Candy House. Before leaving, I had made a plenty of pieces that I need to build up the Candy House. They are gingerbread men, donuts, jelly beans, M&M’s, and candies. To me, gingerbread men, donuts, jelly beans, and M&M’s are like taking candy from a baby, but not candies. I was struggling to make good ribbons at both end of the candies, let alone a beautiful or perfect one.


    Due to time limitation, Ms. He asked me to put my candies aside, to leave them to the next class, and to keep on practicing how to make a good ribbon at home. Even though feeling reluctant, I couldn’t help but been forced to grab one hand of my mom, wave goodbye to my teacher, and jump onto the car which headed for home.


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