Since the very fist time when I made my very first cake roll, to tell you the truth, I felt incredibly frustrated. It looked just not right. It looked…it looked…looked…very…ugly.

    That’s why when my mom accidentally ruin the butter cream on the nose which was still wet and soft, instead of harsh complaint, I made a sound, like “oh” or something because it didn’t occupy me even one minute. I just felt it was okay after all. If it were me before, I would become quite mad, blamed my mom for it, even said something unpleasant.


    You are right. I was so unsatisfied with that cake roll on rial. But, I have been dreaming of making Mom, Dad, and Eric very beautiful cake rolls in recent weeks. Therefore, when it came to Miss Ho class, every Tuesday, I asked Miss Ho for help. After going through every details of the art pieces in my mom’s cellar phone gallery, Ms. Ho was comfortable with that and gave a nice and positive response. We could give it a try.


    Step by step, by checking the art pieces, Ms. Ho and I were studying and working very hard together. Upon my cake roll was also, little by little, in embryo, not only did I learn how to allocate proportion between the two cake dough, I also know the secret to roll the dough in a tighter and nicer shape and shape a perfect and wonderful ice cream cone.


    It took me a whole morning and a half afternoon to finish the cake roll I called it Coco Bear Cake Roll, but I achieved fulfillment of my dream.


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