After the instruction from Ms. Ho on the Coco Bear Cake Roll (for my daddy), I decided to make one more cake roll at home.

    For Eric’s birthday next year. I called it Matcha Bear. Aside from the butter cream on its nose and its head, I almost made the Matcha Bear on my own, even though it didn’t look so perfect as Coco Bear. I didn’t roll the dough very smooth and even enough. I didn’t shape the ice-cream-cone ear very round and high enough. I eventually made it anyway and made it much better than my first cake roll trial.


    Usually Mom would get irritated as I turn red with anger especially when things have gone far beyond my expectation, but, whenever I was out of ideas, my mom just could give me a real-time hand and help me come up with some good ideas. Just like the ribbon on the head of Matcha Bear.


    Tied up with a temp rope in the middle, the bow tie was a real stand-out, to give the Matcha Bear a close look.


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