Based upon the experience from 2014 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival, Peggy made the travel book, entitled Happy Trip.




    Peggy was not so satisfied with her drawing on this page and the next page, so she asked me to print out the photos on my i-phone and glued them on the two pages. I promised her if I had free time. The words I demonstrated listed on the sticky note were the words Peggy didn’t know how to write.


    On the first page, Peggy saw the four words “新社花海” spelled by begonias. She also saw a cart pulled by a flying horse, in which dwarfs sat. It looked very beautiful.




    She also found another kind of flower called marigold. They were sometimes yellow and sometimes orange. What gorgeous flowers! Kept on walking meanwhile cosmos came into Peggy’s eyes. They were small and yellow. “So cute,” Peggy exclaimed. Different from marigold, the petals of cosmos overlapped with one another.




    8:30 a.m. It was about time to open up the main gate. Before long, we had been wondering around the flower sea a little while. Welcome to Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival!




    Walk across the main gate, Peggy immediately was attracted by the adorable exhibit, Happy Mushroom House.




    Then, we came across Taichung Metropolitan Opera, one of the New Nine Major Landmark Architectures. Peggy felt it was pretty and huge. Many tourists stopped there and took some pictures.




    On the way back home, we dropped by Mushroom Garden for our easy brunch. Among those yummy snacks with mouthwatering aroma, fried mushroom was on the Peggy’s favorite food list.




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