Based upon the experience from 2014 Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival, Eric also made the travel book, entitled Colorful Trip.




    On a very cold day, we family went to 2014 Xinshe sea of flowers. Even though upon reaching there, it began to drizzle, to watch flowers, we, holding up the umbrellas, chose to stay and took our time.




    When seeing cosmos, I observed the beautiful patterns on the petals. Not until it came to 8:30 did we, including a big crowd of tourists, poured through the entrance.




    Then, the big crowd started frantically taking pictures. My mom didn’t have any chance to take us some pictures and waited until  the big crowd slowly dispersed.




    There were many pieces of plant works made of begonias, but there was another kind of plant which impressed me a lot. It was silver ragwort. It was very unique. Its silver leaves looked like snow flakes.




    Never having seen this kind of plant, I felt very excited, meanwhile, mom saw a special flower whose petals looked like a human face staring at you. Besides, on them were there different colors.




    When Peggy and I got tired of seeing flowers, we pushed mom and dad to the small rooms themed for sustainable development for a short break. Later, dad brought me with Peggy to the public mobile toilet. It not only smelled terrible, but there were also a lot of mosquitoes flying around. Just staying there very short time made me too sick to feel happy anymore. Luckily, we were ready for Mushroom Garden.




    There, we ate different kinds of mushroom byproducts. Among them, mushroom soup was my favorite. After being fed up, dad and I took a walk around the mushroom garden for fresh mushrooms. But, it was pity that all of the mushrooms had been picked. A little bit disappointed, we left for home.  


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