When I made the Matcha Bear, I figured that the measuring spoons I used were not deep enough to shape the ice cream ears as the Coco Bear I did in Ms. Ho’s class round and big. Upon knowing my difficulty, Ms. Ho gave me a set of measuring spoons.

    Even with that seemed to look more suitable tool, I still chose to make the not so round, not so big, and not so high ice cream cone ears, which I thought were good-looking. After all, this bee was made for myself. I wanted to make her just what I wanted it to be.


    There is one thing I would like to mention about. What a clever my mom is! It was she who came up with a very good idea. Instead of shaping clay into a long brown stick, she suggested me for using pipe cleaners to act as the antenna of the bee. Wow, it did save me a lot more time and effort. Thank you, Mom!


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